Wrist Brace

The wrist brace is a slightly shorter and lighter version of the short arm fracture brace. It uses a monofilament lace closure “Trout” system that is adjustable and provides comfort and firm stability for injuries to the wrist joint. It may be used for carpal bone injuries such as lunate, pisiform, or triquietral fractures, scapho-lunate dislocations, triangular fibro-cartilage complex (TFCC) tears, radio-carpal ligament injuries, or minimally displaced or stable distal radius or distal styloid fractures. It can often be used as a second cast for acutely unstable wrist fractures once stable, and in certain cases may be appropriate as a primary cast for elderly patients who are not surgical candidates and for whom a heavy cast is more inconvenience than benefit. It can be used to control wrist joint motion for chronic injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritic wrist joints, or appropriate wrist sprains. 

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